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My girlfriend's grandma is in town from New Jersey and lately I've been over at her (my girlfriend) parent's house quite a bit. Her mom is currenty driving her car because her grandma can't get into her mom's monster van. Because of this, her mom finally took a notice of the fact that my girlfriend's car is now a piece of crap. The brakes were wobbling and the whole back end is destroyed because of a hit and run driver. Now my girlfriend learned to live with this, but her mom couldn't handle it. She forced Sabrina to go get new brakes and rotors. As a result her car drives slightly better, at least it brakes well now.

While we were there fixing Sabrina's car, I asked her brother to take a look at my car and see if he could tell me what the problem was with mine. You see, I've had this horrible vibration in my car ever since I got it. It makes an enormous amount of noise and the whole car vibrates so bad that he actually got a headache driving it. I've actually gotten so used to it I barely notice it anymore, but it's still annoying. It also made a slightly similar shaking when braking. He came back after driving it around and told me I also needed new rotors and pads and that he thinks the exhaust might be causing the vibration. They suggested that I jack the car up and look for cracks in the exhaust.

Last night I finally got around to doing just that. I got some jack stands from a friend in FIJI (because I left mine at home) and I jacked my tiny coupe up super high off the ground. Thank goodness for my 2 ton floor jack.

I examined the whole exhaust and asked Sabrina to rev the engine while I looked for leaks or the source of the sound. I didn't see any smoke coming out of the exhaust, I didn't see any cracks, and the noise didn't seem to be coming from the exhaust. In fact that was the last place it sounded like it was coming from. What I actually heard was the engine just making a ton of noise right near the oil pan. This didn't make any sense, like literally none. The oil pan doesn't make noise. I decided it was finally time for some deep google searching. I spent about two hours walking from my computer to my engine (it was cold out so going inside was a relief) examining every problem every person on the internet had ever had with their civic vibrating. I had researched this before but didn't come up with anything because I didn't know too much about cars. After some deep researching a lot of people said it turned out to be their lower engine mount. I had no idea where that was or how to check it, until finally someone posted a picture. Turns out it's my engine mounts. This is what it should look like. This is what mine looked like. Lower Passenger Side Motor Mount